The trail winds up steadily through the pines. You lean forward gently to ease your weight. Up here, on horseback there’s a great stillness and peace in the world. No thoughts disturb you now and the only sounds that you are aware of are a gentle, lulling clip-clop and interspersed in that rhythm, birdsong bubbles up and fills the surrounding silence just for a moment. The ancient smells of leather and warm animal body tether you to a nostalgia you never knew you had. The trees sparkle and part to reveal the dazzling afternoon sun and as you trot out onto the crest of the hill, a landscape unfolds before you, that surely must have been created to be explored on horseback.

Swellendam is best seen from the back of a horse, actually anywhere is better when seen from the back of a horse, so if you really want to immerse yourself in nature and explore the land that lies at the foot of the Langeberg mountain range then visit Debra-Leigh and her crew at Hermitage Horses