Greetings, my name is Bruce. If you live in Swellendam, you might have seen me walking down the main road or along the mountain trails. I love the outdoors. I feel more connected to the earth when I’m outside or walking. That’s very important to me, our connection to the earth. I love the earth. 

I moved to Swellendam with my soulmate, Simone in 2004. We left the film and advertising hustle in Cape Town, in search of a more meaningful life, a life lived closer to nature, a life among friendly folk, who also live simply and wave and smile and know your name. We wanted to start a family and raise our children ourselves, with their barefoot-roots firmly planted in nature and their hearts wrapped up in forests and mountains. We wanted them to love the earth.

I fell in love with photography because I wanted to capture the beauty of the earth and take it inside with me when I wasn’t outside. I’ve spent every spare moment of my life looking for inspiration and natural beauty to take home with me.

When we bought our first house in this beautiful town, it came with a garden and my love of the earth only intensified. I had my own patch of the planet to care for, right outside our backdoor. I learned what it meant to be a gardener and I learned how to live with the earth and that I could feed my family with only love and sunshine.  I grew alongside that garden for many years. While I was growing and learning, I began to document the beauty that was in my backyard. Time passed and technology changed and I was able to share my love of the earth and give all the inspiration and knowledge I had collected to others, through words and photography.

These are the words. These are the photos.

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