Chuck on your slops, grab some beers and a pack of wors, we’re heading out onto the dam today! Kosie’s double-decker river boat loads up a bunch of friends, canoes in tow, and moors just inside a deep shaded kloof for you to spend a summers day swimming, jumping off rocks and working up an appetite for the afternoon braai on deck.

A slow, ambling meander back at sunset sets the scene for chilled champagne over glassy water as a million white egrets fly low over the water to nest along the banks. We suggest you keep a smart eye on the weather for this one as the wind can pick up a little in summer, but the locals know the lie of the land so give Kosie a call when you’re looking for a true South African experience out on the Buffeljags dam.

A day on the dam at ♡ Umshanti in Buffeljags

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