We’re still experiencing long grey, rainy days in the Overberg countryside and we’re still spending our nights next to a warm toasty fireplace with a glass of red, but the sun is waking and raising it’s warm face on our hilly horizon a little earlier each day. And with the promise of warmer weather and bluer skies, a new energy begins to kindle and build inside each of us, an exciting, dynamic energy, a doing, moving, dancing, experiencing, celebrating energy.

We may not be able to attend all the festivals and celebrations that we have become so accustomed to in our area, this year, but 2020 has really shown us how much those festivals of freedom and movement, expression and dance and sharing with others, really means to us. Here’s hoping we get to dance together soon, outdoors on the dew covered grass, in massive groups of beautiful people, celebrating the sunshine.

These photos were taken at Spiritfest, held at Somerset Gift earlier this year. ♡