Buona fortuna! That means “Good Luck” in Italian. And we’re the lucky ones. We have La Sosta on our doorstep. La Sosta is world renowned as one of South Africa’s favourite fine dining Italian restaurants and it’s just down the road from us.

Nina and Salvatore are warm, friendly and overflowing with passion for food and for life, and they create such a genuine Italian experience. Using only the finest ingredients, hand picked for their seasonality, sustainability, quality and flavour their uncomplicated food really lives up to all the hype.

Now if you want to get a table at La Sosta and experience the authentic flavours that everyone has been talking about, then you need to get in line and wait for your turn. But if you live in Swellendam, well lucky you, La Sosta has started a delivery service and you can just call them up tonight and place an order and the Italian magic will arrive at your doorstep.  Pronto!

Say hi to Nina and Salvatore at ♡ La Sosta