On mornings like these the winter sun shimmers on the surface of the calm sky surrounding you, as you slice into the mirrored mountain, like it was made only of watery gold. Diamonds dance inside your vision, as water droplets splash and scatter from your oar, between the swish-pull-glide, swish-pull-glide. The world ahead of you is immaculately replicated and still, one world above, the other below as you cut a perfect line in between the two worlds. Swish-pull-glide.
Is this what peace is?

Birds wait for seemingly precisely timed moments to fill the landscape with the sound of their unique voices, as they reveal their secret positions from the densely forested banks. And from here, out on the water, nothing else seems to matter that much, the world is so perfect, just like this.

Is this where peace lives? I guess that’s why they called it UmShanti.

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