It feels like the most beautiful privilege to throw a few items into your backpack on a Monday morning, lace up your boots and walk out of your front door and up the road, through a forest and onto a mountain. To sit alongside an icy, bubbling stream, in the shadow of these great peaks, warming your hands on a hot enamel cup, full of freshly brewed, local coffee. I guess that these are just some of the joys of small town living. Freedom and space. Space to dream, and the freedom to make that dream into reality.

Bert had a dream. He dreamt of one day having his own coffee roastery, and so a few years ago he came to our small town at the foot of the Langeberg with his desire and a roasting machine and he started brewing that dream. And he is still working on it, because dreams don’t just happen overnight, they take dedication, time and love.

Like a mountain needs dedication to climb, dreams need time to percolate and love to sustain them.

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