It’s difficult to pass by Swellendam without looking twice. From a distance the little clusters of buildings tossed out onto the hills and valleys at the foot of such a picturesque mountain, look like some kind of lovingly painted dream scene.

Swellendam is attractive for so many reasons, mountain bikers are drawn to explore the endless trails crisscrossing unspoiled landscapes and hikers are summoned by unknown forces to gaze down from the tops of the towering summits and foodies and wine lovers flock to this region for the growing collection of passionately curated menus.

For whatever reason people visit our town, one reason ties all of the other reasons to it.
The Beauty. The simple awe inspiring beauty.

Sometimes you just have to step back and see the world for how it is now and not for how you are now. If you want to see beauty, you have to look with unclouded eyes. And what better way to see than through the eyes of an artist, an artist whose life is an unending inquiry into unclouded beauty, an artist like Marnitz Steyn.

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